Really Luxe


SKU: 672491

A sweet tooth’s dream come true. A bountiful of mouth-watering delights of smooth and buttery biscuits, scrumptious flaky wafers and abodes of rich chocolate companions. 

Includes: Complimentary Greeting Card, Large Fabric Lined Woven Basket, Cambridge & Thames Danish Style Butter Cookies, Allessia Cantuccini Biscotti, Golden Bonbon Almond Nougat, Walkers Pure Butter Mini Shortbread Fingers, Dolcetto Premium Chocolate Rolled Wafers, Dolcetto Premium Tiramisu Rolled Wafers, Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory Red Velvet, Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory Mudpuppies, Gourmet du Village Cookies And Cream Vanilla Dip Mix, Godiva Masterpieces Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart, Donini Milk Chocolate With Toffee, 2x Truffettes de France Truffles, Milk Ice Wine Chocolates, Dark Ice Wine Chocolates

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