We would like to express our gratitude and would like us to thank you for choosing Really Luxe for your gift giving needs. We are remarkably grateful that you have chosen us, especially during these forsaken times where Gift Bouquets are cherished gifts that bring us closer together, even though we are far apart. Nothing brings us closer together than sending sentimental messages of love and appreciation to our family, friends and colleagues. 

During these uncertain and challenging times, we are taking extra health and safety precautions. We are continuing to work hard to meet your gift giving expectations, especially throughout these indefinite times where special events are postponed for the near future and social distancing and self isolation are becoming more common and crucial.
Sending gifts at a time like this are sure to bring warm smiles and keeping tight knit bonds closer.

We are following the appropriate protocols and procedures:

  • Sanitizing our workplace area periodically with antibacterial, industrial strength solution on an hourly basis
  • Wearing face coverings appropriately while paying careful close attention by covering the nose and mouth areas
  • Tracking and monitoring our body temperatures and health signs and symptoms on a daily basis
  • Keeping our hands sanitized frequently as well as periodically washing our hands
  • Authorizing our employees to not report to work if they are sick, and/or need to self isolate
  • Maintain social distancing and ensuring our workplace facilities are not exceeding the maximum number of people
  • Employees to work from home whenever possible

We strive to continue providing fast shipping and delivery. However, please keep in mind that processing time may take slightly longer than usual. 
We are taking this matter very seriously, because our customers' health and safety are our number one priority. Let's all do our part and keep everyone safe and healthy together. We can get through this together with harmony, cooperation and teamwork.