Company Policy


-Holidays: We deliver on Saturdays and Sundays, including Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, however please note that we only offer local delivery from 11am-3pm. To avoid disappointment on latter holidays, we highly encourage you to order in advance. We don’t deliver on New Year’s Day, Easter, Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. 

-Local Delivery: We offer free local delivery on orders $100+ to specific regions of Ontario within 2 business days. If order is less than $100, we provide shipping only. We don’t make guarantees or promises on exact time of delivery. We don’t provide local delivery to PO Box addresses. If PO Box address is inputted with the Local Delivery selected, we will ship the item instead.
-Special Locations: If you wish for us to deliver your order to a hotel room number, please ensure the room number is specified upon checkout. Depending on hotel policies, we may not be able to deliver the order at front desk. So we highly recommend you to contact your hotel if you wish to go this route. You are held responsible to pick up the order at the hotel lobby, depending on hotel policies. If front desk refuses to accept delivery, we will conclude the order as “undelivered”, and you are to pay a $20 delivery fee to redeliver the order at a different date and address.
 -Incorrect Address: For incorrect addresses, nonexistent, incomplete or etc, we will make an effort to contact you firsthand if we notice an error regarding one of these matters at our earliest convenience, in order to bypass the additional charges. If we are not able to reach you, the delivery will be delayed for a later date. Within 30 days of unsuccessful attempts have been made, we will declare the order as “abandoned”, and no refunds will be made under any circumstances.
-Road Traffic: We strive to deliver your order on time, every time. However, we are not responsible for any road traffic conditions, such as accidents, strikes, protests, riots, war, vehicle issues and etc. If required, we will deliver at a later time or date.
-Local Delivery Hours: We operate local delivery from 10am-5pm during fall and winter seasons, specifically daylight hours. During the summer seasons, we extend our delivery hours from 10am-8pm. We deliver during daylight hours, so if the sunsets at a particular time, we follow Act of God accordingly.
-Delivery Product Conditions: We always prepare products in a cool temperature environment to meet quality. If we were to deliver the order on extremely hot days, rain and/or snow and you were unavailable to hand receive the delivery, we will use our discretion to leave the order in a dry and/or shaded area. If we are not able to place the delivery in an appropriate location that resists excessive water and/or heat, we will have the order held at our facility. If the products in your order were to later melt, leak or any other such due to an order being overexposed to extreme weather conditions, we are not held responsible and a refund will not be processed. Please be mindful of your delivery and manage time efficiently to avoid unfortunate events.
-Availability: If you are unable to receive the order at a specific time or day, please let us know at your earliest convenience, so we can follow delivery requests accordingly and make it right. Alternatively, please let us know if there are special instructions you would like us to follow (e.g. leave with neighbour). Note that we don’t call prior to delivery. Please get authorization from a neighbour prior to delivery to avoid unfortunate circumstances. Regarding florals, due to its perishable nature, if you are unable to accept the delivery, you will have to place a new order online and pay the new full amount. There are no exemptions for failed floral delivery, due to unavailability or no special delivery notes were made upon order confirmation. We highly recommend having the order delivered to the person who placed the order (billing address), to avoid disappointment. No refunds or cancellations on deliveries that are en route/in transit. We will use our discretion when delivering orders, such as leaving the order with a neighbour, placing the order at a safe location such as a garage, behind shrubs, gate or etc. If the order is deemed unsafe to deliver, such as inaccessible entrance, dangerous pets and etc, we will have the order in our possession and it will be kept safe with us at our facility. There will be additional delivery charge for this matter. We will then contact you and confirm next steps to ensure the next delivery will be satisfactory. We are not held accountable for orders that are left at a safe spot being lost or stolen. 
-Time Requests: We want to meet our customers’ expectations, and that includes special request deliveries at a specific time of the day. We will do our very best to fulfill your needs. We cannot make any promises or guarantees, due to uncontrollable road conditions, Act of God or large volumes of order.

We ship our products via UPS to Canada and the United States. We offer free delivery on orders $200+ throughout Canada. However, orders less than $200, shipping rates vary by province throughout Canada. Shipping rates for the U.S. are calculated as upon UPS’ rates. All shipping rates are calculated according to carrier’s policy. If a company strike would ever to occur, we will ship via different postage institution. Be mindful that this latter situation is beyond our control. 
We deliver, rain or shine. However, we are not responsible for late deliveries caused by Act of God, in regards to, but not limited to: adverse and extreme weather conditions such as storms, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes to name a few. An alternative date and time will be provided, if any such event were to occur.

We reserve the right to change prices from time to time without notice. This includes delivery charges, gift products, florals and etc. We also reserve the right to adjust pricing errors (more specifically $0.00 and such small amounts). We don’t alternate pricing or negotiate bargaining per customers’ requests.

-Excluding Products: The product you are interested in will be sold as advertised with the appropriate contents. Please note that we don’t accept requests for excluding products, resulting in lowering the price. 

COMPLIMENTARY GREETING CARDS We offer complimentary greeting card for every gift purchase. We ask that you please complete the required field at checkout, so we can fulfill the order. If you have not fill the required field, we will contact you. If you have not responded in 24-48 hours, we will send you a blank greeting card.

COMPANY ADVERTISING Please note that with every gift bouquet purchase, we apply stickers that include our logo and services we offer. We do not accept requests to have these stickers not applied to our gift bouquets and florals, due to property and ownership reasons.

GIFT WRAPPING We wrap our gift bouquets in a beautiful shade of gold. However, depending on the collection, more specifically Baby, we use pink or blue. For special holidays, such as Christmas, we opt for festive colour(s), such as red and green. Our wooden trays, or similar nature, we use premium, high quality burlap ribbon.

Depending on the suppliers, from time to time, there may be a rare situation where our suppliers will alter colours, specifically darker and lighter, due to aesthetics and popular trends. Size of reusable gift bags varies, depending on the size of gift bouquets. This applies to all gift bags, gift boxes, ribbons, delivery bag and etc.

COLOUR VARIATIONS Colour variations are very common, especially between different monitors and browsers, thus resulting in different appearance once product is upon your possession. We are not held responsible for this matter. 

Please note for quality and training purposes, we take photographs of Gift Bouquets prior shipment on randomly selected time of operation hours. This is to ensure exceptional quality has been met. Once photographed, we keep the photograph strictly in the company’s possession and property for record keeping and investigation purposes. We are not authorized to leak such photographs under any circumstances. After each order has been delivered, we take photographs once left at the door or at a safe spot according to our discretion for record keeping purposes. Under any circumstances, we do not take photographs of individuals whatsoever. This is for record keeping purposes only. 
As soon as we receive a completed order, we get the order ready as soon as possible. We are very time efficient, so we suggest reviewing the information carefully prior to placing your order. It is very difficult to make last minute changes to an existing order, so please ensure your order has been filled out correctly before placing your order. We recommend 2 days minimum for last minute order changes. If it’s less than 2 days, please contact us and we will try our best to fulfill your needs, but we cannot make any such guarantees.
We work hard in meeting and exceeding your expectations. Note that if a situation were to arise regarding product substitutes, this is beyond our control. For instance, this happens when our suppliers discontinue carrying a certain product. We will replace the item of equal or greater value. The following substitutions include, but are not limited to: gourmet food, plush toy, gift box, blankets, colour variations in florals, gift boxes, gift ribbons, baskets, plastic pots, toys and etc. 
Using our discretion, we will wrap certain products in plastic packaging to preserve and maintain pristine quality. Such items are, but not limited to: plush toys, baby toys, edible liquids to name a few. 
When we do ship out orders, we do, at times, package them in peanut packaging and bubble wraps. Avoid having these around children, as it may cause and lead to suffocation. They may choke on these packaging products unintentionally. This is not for consumption. Use your discretion when handling packaging peanuts. 
Take into consideration that plastic bags are not safe for younger due to suffocation. Unfortunate events would occur, specifically death and strangulation, if leaving plastic bags around younger children without adult supervision.
We cannot guarantee that any of our products are allergen free and/or doesn’t contain any traces of peanuts and/or tree nuts. Please consume products with discretion, following the instructions on the packaging before consumption.
We cannot guarantee any of our products are vegan, gluten free, Kosher, Halal and etc. 
Health and safety standards and procedures are extremely important. We want to ensure you enjoy our confections safely and responsibly. Please use discretion upon reception of order for personal usage. Products such as, but not limited to: greeting cards, baby toys, plush toys, shampoo, bath products, plastics or packaging that resemble food are not edible.They are not safe for consumption. If you wish to share products with younger children, please inspect the product and product size before feeding. Please monitor younger children to avoid choking hazards from happening. Please enjoy confections sensibly and safely via mouth in small amounts and chew confections for approximately 15-20 seconds before swallowing. Please do not swallow large sized amounts for health and safety reasons. Contact EMS if necessary emergency procedures need to be performed or contact poison control centre if beauty and bath products have been consumed. Please do not perform CPR if you are not certified or trained.
To place alcoholic beverages orders, please confirm that you are at least 19 years of age upon checkout. Policies vary between provinces, so please comply with these laws respectfully.
For local deliveries, if the individual appears to be under the legal age, we will ask for government issued photo identification. Once requirement has been met, we will give you your order. If you don’t have government issued photo identification available and the order is under your name, we cannot hand over your order. In addition, if we suspect third party purchases, you will not receive your order. This will result in an abandoned order. A full refund will be issued. However, there will be a penalty fee of $50, due to incomplete delivery.
Our florals are chosen with care and quality in mind. We take great care in maintaining quality of our florals. Please note upon reception, take proper care of florals. We highly recommend placing florals in a clean vase with fresh water (preferably spring water) and adding preservatives. Stir the preservatives and water until dissolved. Then, cut the stems about an inch or so. Be cautious on thorns and cut with caution. Place your florals in the prepared vase. Keep your florals looking vibrant and fresh by emptying the vase and replacing with clean water approximately every 2-3 days.
Please note, products on our website may seem larger or smaller than they appear. Furthermore, there will be common situations where institutions change their packaging design or shape, due to popular trends and aesthetics. 
During warmer seasons, we work in a temperature regulated environment to ensure product quality has been met. Upon reception or consumption, confections (such as chocolate), may be frozen due to preservation of maintaining such high melting point confections.
At Really Luxe, we take etiquette very seriously. We pride in our outlook on being civil and respectful towards our peers and diverse communities. We give our customers the full privilege to personalize their own unique message for every Gift Bouquet purchase. If there’s a situation where we come across as personalized messages being offensive, more specifically violating Human Rights Code, we will disregard the personalized message and will contact you for an alternate personalized message within 24 hours. If we have not received a response within the specified time frame, your recipient will not receive a greeting card. If you are not sending gift(s) to a recipient, you will receive a blank greeting card, for which you have the given ability in hand writing a personalized message of your choice. Therefore, the greeting card will not be packaged with the gift bouquet, and will be physically left out of the gift bouquet for your convenience to personalize your own message. We do not condone this type of uncivilized behaviour.