Our Story

Our Name

We have a vision: to create and design elegant gift baskets (or what we like to call them gift bouquets”for special occasions or even just because. We are obsessed with high quality gourmet delicacies (French chocolate truffles and Brie cheese anyone?) and premium brands (notice how we have Godiva, Laura Secord, Ghiradelli in our collections?), so we kept the idea going. We really like the word luxurious, and so we shortened it down and stylized to one syllable: luxe, and asked ourselves “what are other words for luxe?” Plush, premium and gorgeous...to name just a few. We have super soft plush blankets and stuffed animals in our collection, so that’s one. We have premium brands (refer to the previous statements above) and gorgeous (gold) gift wrapping. So when it came down to the very end, we concluded that we have decided that Really Luxe is going to be our name, and creating beautiful hand wrapped gift bouquets is going to be our game.

About Us

We established our gifting services after recognizing the growing trend and popularity in online shopping, including local delivery services.
Recently, the significant and growing demand in gift giving via postage mail and local delivery have made it favourable to send and receive gifts in the most fast, secure and convenient way all from the comfort of our own homes and smartphones. 

At Really Luxe, we are devoted in creating gift bouquets significant and meaningful. We take great pride and effort when it comes to our designs and creations. Each gift bouquets are delicately hand wrapped with upmost care and perfection. We know how important it is to give a thoughtful and gracious gift, so with every gift basket, we offer a complimentary greeting card as a way of personalizing your message the way you want it, and to make your gift personal and special in every way.

We enterprise to bring our clientele with exceptional customer service, best online shopping experience from start to finish, simple and secure method of payments and of course, most importantly: fast and first class delivery service. Whether it’s postage mail or local delivery, we want to ensure that you receive your order as quick as possible. 

We’re very optimistic and looking forward to keep continue creating more exclusive Really Luxe gift bouquets and personalized gifts.